How do we guarantee your Hotels ZERO carbon footprint

and guarantee ZERO energy bills

Dear Hotel Owner

Trust all are well.

We would like to invest in your hotels energy bills and bring them down to zero over time

we would also reduce your hotels carbon footprint to near zero.

All of this is offered for a zero up front cost.

We are offering all hotels around the world a

 reduction of up to 50% savings on the electricity /diesel/LPG/water bills, and reduce the hotels

 carbon footprint by up to 100%, from our renewable energy generating/saving products and services,

 all for a zero up front cost.

Our energy saving products and renewable energy

 generating systems have been tried and tested for

 over 30 years in some cases, and on every 

conceivable property you can think of, including oil rigs.

Our projects are World wide and our products and services are probably the best in the world.


energy-efficient systems that reduce utility operating and maintenance costs in pursuit of grid independence.

we have a zero up front capital cost, as all payments

 for our renewable energy generating products and

 energy saving products will come from the

 monetary value of the energy savings they give you


and the excess energy our renewable energy 

produces, and sold to the national grid or a 3rd

 party for the duration of the PPA period.

The up to 50% savings monetary value will be based

 on your 2019 energy bill costs, and this cost – 50%

 will be the sum your hotel will pay each year for the

 duration of the PPA.



After this you own the system and have 100% off your energy bills.

To reduce your base load to its lowest possible 

point, we install a number of renewable energy 

generating systems and energy saving products 

throughout your hotel under a low energy design 

system, and offered with a zero up front cost.

 you will always be connected to the national grid.

We trust you will allow us to reduce your hotels carbon footprint to zero for a zero up front cost.

If you have an interest in the above, our relevant 

office would be delighted to present our products and services in greater detail.

yours Sincerely

Graham Taylor

[email protected]


we are with you every step of the way for your

 Sustainability & Carbon Management Journey

saving you costs, assuring you comply with climate

 change legislation and enhancing your hotel brand.