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Ask us about our green philosophy

Unlimited Energy Group has developed its Vision 2021 which sets out our guiding principles in achieving sustainability in all we do. 

This vision builds on a long-standing narrative behind our Eco Changes philosophy. 

In the UK we have translated this to our Green Gateway approach where we encourage everyone in the built environment to reduce energy.

We are the worlds leading group of companies who Specialise in RENEWABLE ENERGY / Solar EME/Waste to energy /low energy lighting design/ solar glass Products

/Electric trains/planes and automobiles.

Join us in our movement to reduce your carbon footprint, if you don't the world is going to have a bigger problem than covid 19. as CLIMATE CHANGE will kill hundreds of million, not hundreds of thousands like covid 19 has and will do for another 2 years, but climate change will last for ever.

EMAIL: [email protected] 

The Unlimited Energy Group are the best renewable energy technology manufacturers /consultants in the World

And we have the products to prove it, and the projects to back the products up.

we have projects in the Hotel industry.

We have projects on the crude oil rigs

We have projects in the cruise shipping industry

We have projects in football stadiums

We have projects in manufacturing electric cars

We have projects in thousands of homes in Wales/World

why don't you join us and reduce your carbon footprint as well as reducing your energy bills